Hello world!

I decided to start a blog because I am a working mom and I feel like I miss out on so much.  I watch my kids grow every day and they change so much…I inundate everyone at work with these funny/scary/happy/sad stories about my kids, and then a couple of weeks later, I have forgotten it all!  I wanted to get these memories down in writing so that I can reflect on them and share them with my family and friends who live so far away and don’t have the opportunity to be with these amazing creatures on a daily basis.  I have these four wonderful kids….13, 11, 5 and 2…  they have so much to say and do and are full of such insight and humor.  I think this will also help me with getting my photos out of the camera and onto the computer!!  But, right now my 2-year-old is telling me it’s bed time, my 5-year-old is asleep in my bed and my older boys are upstairs with a friend playing video games and/or watching movies, and will do so all night if I don’t put a stop to it soon.  I guess my hope is to add to this every day or so, and hopefully they’ll improve as I go!! Thanks for sharing and I hope you come back!

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One thought on “Hello world!

  1. I think it’s a great idea to document your kids through a blog. I also work and relate to the “it goes so fast” bit. I also let one of my kids (10 yo) start a little blog so that I can capture his thoughts straight from him.

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