Today has been a fabulous day!  My husband typically works nights and he had the night off  last night (I use that term loosely…actually he chaperoned a field trip of unruly 13 year-olds to a band competition in Indianapolis…I would hardly call that a night off!!)  Anyway, he actually was able to sleep last night.  This resulted in him waking us all up early, piling us all into the van and taking us out to breakfast…yum!   All the kids had a great time and filled up on those delicious but horrible for you breakfast items that they don’t get to indulge in very often.

And to top it off, the rain we were supposed to have didn’t show up to the party, so the little ones were able to play outside for a bit (it was still a little nippy so they came in with cold hands and runny noses, but they had fun nontheless).   My oldest went to see a movie and stay the night with his Grandma, and my “adopted son” spent the day with us.  (He has been Julius’s best friend since Kindergarten.  About three years ago, we moved outside of town but we kept in touch with his family and they allow him to come and stay with us quite frequently…he’s become a part of the family whether he likes it or not!)  Now as we are heading into the evening, we’re relaxing and watching movies together, playing and just enjoying each others company.   What a day!  I’m sure to some this may seem like a boring day, but to us this is heaven!!  Between work, school, preschool, band, sports, lessons, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. we don’t have enough time to relax and enjoy each other every day.  It’s great to sit back, talk, and let someone else do the dishes every once in a while!


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