Forever Young

Although I am a girly girl, I am not stylish (I have more of a quirky, nerdy look), but I do love clothes, shoes, tights, bows and dressing up…   I always hoped that I’d have a little girl who shared these joys, and luckily I do!  She is already super stylish at 7 years old, and unfortunately, she agrees with me that I am not stylish!    I try to pick out cute clothes for her, but she just rolls her eyes and says “Oh, Mom!” in that annoying, condescending way.  She also has really luxurious taste and loves to shop at the expensive kid’s stores at the mall that are sooo outside of my budget!  So, imagine my excitement when I read that Gwen Stefani was designing a line of her Harajuku Lover’s clothes-Harajuku Mini-for Target for kids!!  I have seen several pieces from the line and am in love-I just wish they were in my size!  Of course, if it’s anything like the Missoni for Target line it will probably sell out quickly and all go on Ebay for inflated prices, but a girl can dream!!  I would love to buy a couple of the cute outfits for my girl.











What do you think?  Do you like the designs?  The line debuts November 13.  Good luck getting your hands on some!!






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