Birthday Cake Failure

I really love to bake and, not to brag, but I can bake a pretty tasty cake.   Unfortunately, they don’t look as good as they taste because I have absolutely NO talent with decorating.  With 4 kids, each of which insist on having a birthday cake every year, I had decided that I wanted to try to learn how to decorate cakes.  I mean, the grocery store cakes are cute and all, but they are sooo expensive and usually have the equivalent of a Happy Meal toy on top and, to be honest,  there’s just something about a homemade cake on your birthday that  is special.   Plus, I don’t have the best of luck with those store bought cakes.  I remember once, on Julius’s third birthday, he wanted a Buzz Lightyear cake.  Of course, being the fabulous parents we are, we bought him one.  It was beautiful; the top of the cake was covered with a blue (a really DARK blue-more on that later) planet made out of icing, there were a couple of those cute little aliens on it and a Buzz Lightyear figure- it was the CADILLAC of birthday cakes.  We put the candles on, started singing Happy Birthday and I got to carry the AWESOME cake.  Julius was smiling so big, he was so proud!!  Everyone was looking at HIS fabulous cake as it made its grand entrance, but that poor cake just couldn’t take all of the pressure.  It slid, right off of the plate, onto the floor in a big blue SPLAT, right on my cream colored carpet-a HUGE splat that no amount of scrubbing could ever remove completely.  I was devastated.  Julius was devastated.  It was easily the most horrifying moment of my life.   Needless to say, we lived through it, but every time I had to look at that dark blue stain on my cream carpet I was reminded of that horrible day.   Fast forward about 10 years and 2 more kids later and I’m still buying cakes from the store.  What can I say-I am not artistic, I have no crafty skills and I’m lazy.  Short of taking a class, which would require time and money, neither of which I have, my only option, really, was to buy a kit and practice.  So, practice I did.  And this year, my sweet Julius said that he wanted me to make him a homemade, hand decorated cake for his birthday.   So, I did.









I think it’s time to admit defeat.


One thought on “Birthday Cake Failure

  1. Memory revision time: Julius was not devastated. You were devastated because you assumed Julius would be devastated but he was very sweet. The way I remember that ordeal, I assured you that it was not a big deal, I carefully carved the portion of non-carpeted cake off of the floor, we poked some candles into the heap and ate it and laughed and opened presents. You’re too hard on yourself.

    …And this one was good too. 🙂

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