Winter Coats

I love clothes and winter coming makes me super excited because I love winter coats!  I like them fancy, casual, girly, vintage, furry….you name it.   Because of this, I have been looking online at a lot coats and thought that I would share a few of my favorites!  A new coat is just not in my budget right now, but these sure are pretty!

Modcloth is one of my favorite online stores; they have the cutest vintage-style clothes and this adorable coat is just one of the many that I love on their site.  Seriously, if you haven’t been to their site, GO… now…I’ll wait…  No, never mind, I don’t think you’ll come back!   This is their Fresh Aerial Coat and it is $159.99.  This would look super cute with a skirt and tights!

Dear Creatures is another vintage-style site with fabulous clothes!  This beautiful coat is loose on the bottom so you can wear it with full skirts and dresses, but it would look just as cute over wide leg pants!  It is $264, which is on the pricey side, but a girl can dream, right?

During the dull, dreary days of winter it’s easy to become bitter over the grayness everywhere.  That’s why everyone needs a bright yellow coat like this one from Tulle.  It has a cute ruffly hem to keep it girly!  It’s only $100, and I have to say, I bought my last coat from Tulle and I was super impressed with their quality.  Keep watching around Christmas-they have great sales!!

I looooove a fur collar on coats!  That warm fuzzy-ness against my cheek is heaven to me!  Here is one of the cutest coats from Ruche and it’s only $68.99!!  The fur collar is removable if you grow tired of it (what?!), and I love the puffy sleeves!

H&M has a great jewel tone jacket with a flare bottom…and it’s only $69.95.  It’s dressy, but it can be worn with blue jeans and still look just as cute!

And who can resist the cute accessories that go with coats…gloves, hats, scarves, mittens!!

Found here, here, here, here, here and here, get these to keep you smiling through the winter months!  Happy shopping!






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