BABIES and then some!!

I love babies, or to be more specific, my babies!  I loved being pregnant; the cravings, the baby kicking,  the content feeling of knowing that another being is growing inside me-it’s absolutely amazing!  Even morning sickness couldn’t bring me down!   I loved my newborns-even on the days when both of us were reduced to a puddle of non-sleeping tears-and babies that I could hold and cuddle and who would fall asleep on my chest.  I loved my toddlers; the insatiable appetite for learning, the fierce desire for independence and the deep need for guidance.  I love my kids exactly as they are, and, I have to say, I love my teenagers!  As I grow older I find that I enjoy spending time with these little people so very much.  I’d rather be sitting around watching them play video games, talking about movies, or baking cookies with them than doing much of anything else.  We have such wonderful times together and I appreciate them so much…it makes me so sad to read in the news about children that are abused and neglected because I don’t understand how anyone can do that to any child, let alone their own children.

My first-born is Oliver.  He was born on 11/26 and was almost 10 days past his due date.  I went into the hospital at 6 am to be induced and had him at 2:30 pm.  The labor was relatively quick, but my Oliver has a HUGE head and he became- ahem-stuck in my pelvis.  He went into distress and so the doctor had to employ the forceps and remove him forcibly. Whew!  That was the single most painful moment in my life, and I did not have an epidural!  But, I wouldn’t change it for anything, because he is an amazing kid; smart, sweet, thoughtful.

Next came my Julius.  He was born on 9/9 and he was my smallest baby at 6 lb. 15 oz.  He was such a sweet baby, always so happy and smiling, but unfortunately he was a sick baby.  He needed to have two surgeries before he was a year old (he had to have ear tubes, his tear duct probed, and a type of plastic surgery in which they opened his sinus cavity as it was fused closed).  He is such a sensitive guy, always willing to put others first and absolutely the sweetest guy ever!

Mae is my sweet little girl.  She is my only girl and she is ALL girl!  She’s dramatic and independent, loves to dress up and paint nails, loves to go shopping and hang out and she loves to help her mom.  She was my hardest pregnancy, I had to be put on medication because I kept having contractions beginning at 16 weeks.  Every time I’d reach a milestone (20 weeks, 25 weeks, etc.), the doctor would try to stop the medicine and I would begin labor in less than a day.  Finally on 8/15 at 39 weeks I was able to stop my medicine and at 3:30 am on 8/16 my water broke.  Crazily enough, I didn’t have any contractions, but I went to the  hospital and ended up having her by 10 am.  She was my whopper at 8 lbs. 2 ozs. with a full head of brown curly hair!  I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter.

And then there is Graham.  He is my youngest…he is so sweet, but boy, is he a handful!  I’m glad he’s my last, because if he had been my first he probably would be an only child!  Ha-ha!  I had a fabulous pregnancy with him, everything went well; I went to the hospital at 3:30 pm and he was born a little after 6:00 pm after just 2 pushes.  He and Oliver both weighed 7 lbs. 13 ozs. at birth, and they look very similar as well.   He is very smart and absolutely HATES  to have his schedule messed up.  He loves food and comes up with the funniest names for things (mockersocker=motorcycle; wee-ooh=ambulance/fire truck/police car).  He is definitely a character!

These are my kids; my life; my angels!  I wouldn’t trade a day with them for all of the money in the world!!


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