Pinterest-ing Fun!

This week we had our first snowfall of the season!  It wasn’t very much and it was gone the next day, but it was so pretty while it lasted.  This has put me in the mind-set of winter.  I don’t really like winter unless I’m sitting in the nice warm house looking out the window at the snow outside while staying cozy and dry, but even I have to admit the fresh snow covering the ground is beautiful, especially at night when it glitters in the moon light.  Here are my top ten of the week from Pinterest (my absolute FAVORITE place to play!) all about winter!

10.  Darth Vader Snowflakes! 





9.  DIY Gloves you can wear and STILL use your touch screen device!




8.  Wearing winter accessories (like scarves) in unexpected ways!





7.  A cozy spot to relax indoors while the snow falls outside!





6.  Cute winter outfits!





5.  Homemade soup!




4.  Making homemade gifts for family and friends!





3.  Reading a fabulous book…





2. Baking (and eating) sinful goodies all day long!





1.  Christmas!!



One thought on “Pinterest-ing Fun!

  1. Hellz yeah! I’m down. Except I’ll take the fun to the outdoors for a little sledding too! Woot! And I agree with your number 1. I cant wait to spoil the little ones!

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