Pinterest-ing Fun!

I am in a vintage mood right now.  I don’t know if it’s just the weather, or the melancholy feeling that fall always brings with it, or what, but I am really digging on it right now.  With this in mind, here are my top ten vintage finds from Pinterest and across the web this week!

10.  Vintage Style Shoes!




9.  Vintage Clothes!





8.  Vintage Style Gift Wrapping!





7.  Stunning Vintage Photos!





6.  Vintage Kitchen!





5.  Vintage Dolls!





4.  Vintage Style Capes!





3.  Vintage Inspired Purses!





2.  Vintage Decorating!




1.  Vintage Christmas!





And, to make this week even better, I got a great new dress from Tulle for only $30 with free shipping through one of their member specials (I told you they had great sales)!!  Sorry for the horrible quality iPhone photo (and the messy closet)!!


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