Pinterest-ing Fun: Gift Guide

With Christmas rapidly approaching, I have seen a lot of gift guides circulating.  I love looking at gift guides created by other people because they usually contain some GREAT ideas and unique items.  With that in mind, I decided to compile some of my own gift ideas in the hope that someone may be inspired by my ideas!

10.  For Co-Workers or acquaintances: Homemade Lotion






9.  For the cook/chef  in your life (stocking stuffer): adorable measuring spoons!






8.  For the cook/chef/comic nerd in your life: Wonder Woman Mixer!

(…okay, I realize this is only available in Brazil, but it was too cool to leave off the list!)





7.  For the comic nerd in your life: BUILD YOUR OWN BAT-MOBILE KIT!






6.  For the lady in your life (stocking stuffer): Adorable ring holder!





5.  For the little lady in your life:  Future Fashion Designer Set!






4.  For the man (or lady) in your life: Iron Man Helmet Desk Lamp (OMG-LOVE!!)!






3.  For the person in your life with a great sense of humor who loves cats: Dancing With Cats!






2.  For the world traveler: A Travel Journal!






1.  For the techno-geek (stocking stuffer): Ninja Flash Drives!






I hope you like the list; a lot of it is tongue-in-cheek, but I would LOVE to receive any one of these items under my tree!!!


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