A New Year

It’s always sad to see a year coming to an end but it’s also satisfying to know that I have a fresh start and a new beginning.   To me, a new year is like a clean slate; an open calendar ready to be filled.  One thing that I have never done is make New Year’s resolutions, in fact, I am not quite sure that those are meant to be kept as I have never heard of anyone that has done so, but I do think setting goals for yourself is always a great idea; be it daily, monthly, or yearly.  Everyone needs something to work toward and there’s the added benefit of a reason to feel good about yourself once you’ve attained that goal!!  This year I am setting some lofty personal goals for myself, and I’m hoping for some great feel good-ness to come on when (not if!) I attain them!!

My Goals-in no particular order:

  • To be more creative
  • To thrift more and retail less
  • To listen more than I talk
  • To give two compliments for every negative I utter…(I want to be a more positive person!)
  • To be more fun and play more with my kids-and to take LOTS of pictures while doing this!

Whew!  I hope that I am able to handle all of this (especially the pictures part because I am HORRIBLE at taking pictures)!!  And hopefully, these will be lifelong changes that I keep for a long time going forward.

It seems like children grow up so fast, friends and family move away and things constantly change all of the time… I really hope to be more cheerful and positive in the new year and I know that to stay positive it helps to keep your perspective and live in the moment; to put your happiness first and work hard to be a good person-whatever your own definition of that may be.  I am going to always try to remember that I cannot change anybody else or their thoughts or beliefs, all I can change is my reaction to them.  If I let things bother me and make me unhappy, then I am letting them win.  Negativity is contagious, but happiness can be too.  Sometimes all it takes is a smile to change your whole outlook on life.  Luckily, I have 4 great reasons to be happy-4 beautiful, healthy, sweet kids that keep me moving everyday!











I hope that all of you have a Happy New Year and I wish the best of health and happiness to you and your families in 2012!!

P.S.-None of these pictures were taken by me!!  My husband is the photographer in the family which is why you rarely see him in any photos (unless one of the kids takes one)!!


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