Make Believe Shopping Spree

Things have been pretty busy so far this year…yesterday my poor daughter was sick and missed her first day back to school after the break and she was devastated!  Luckily, I had the day off of work for the holiday, so I was able to sit home and baby her. It’s so sad when kids are sick, but they can be so sweet and loving at that time that it is also kind of nice (now if that line doesn’t earn me a spot on the “Worst Mom Ever” list I don’t know what will!)  Anyway, I had a few down moments and I went “pretend shopping”-you know you do it, too!!!  Here are some items I absolutely LOVE right now,  but with the holidays and everything I just cannot afford, so I’ll just click them into my virtual cart and dream .

Like this adorable owl cookie jar from Anthro!!  I could fill this up with all kinds of delicious treats!!!  I have a pretty big soft spot for owls!!

Or these fabulous boots (also from Anthro)!!!  *ahem* I have a weakness for boots as well!

I love this beautiful, soft, fuzzy throw from Pottery Barn!!  It’s perfect for the long cold nights of January.

Or these fabulous vintage pyrex bowls from 11 Eureka!

Or a beautiful dress with a peter pan collar from Tulle Clothing!  I love dresses!!

A cozy pretty chair from Urban Outfitters to cozy up and relax in after a long day!!

And I love this lamp, the color, the shape, EVERYTHING!!!  It’s also from Urban Outfitters, by the way!

OK, it’s obvious I have a pretend-shopping-on-the-internet problem (is there a support group for that?!) and I’d definitely be going to debtor’s prison if I were to actually try to buy all of the stuff I find on the internet, but sometimes it’s fun to act like I’m six again and play pretend!


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