Green-ish Thumb

I love house plants.  The added touch of greenery to my home makes me happy, and luckily, I am able to keep them alive.  Or, rather, I used to be able to keep them alive until THIS little girl came into my life.

She loves to play in them, dig in the dirt, use them as her personal litter box, lay in the dirt and on top of the green leaves, crushing them.  It is so very frustrating!!!


One of the plants that I have is a Ficus tree that my mom gave to me when my oldest was just a baby.  She had it since I was a baby and she was moving so she gave it to me to take care of.  I love that tree, but, unfortunately, Beatrice does too.  I have covered the pot with aluminum foil to keep her out, but she gets in any way.

My absolute favorite kind of plant is a spider plant.  Two years ago for Mother’s Day my husband bought me a gorgeous, full spider plant.  When Graham was first beginning to walk he used to pull off the little “babies” that would bloom, effectively becoming the plant’s abortionist (but, I would toss them in a cup of water until they rooted and make a new plant, so they never went to waste!).  Then, Beatrice jumped in it and knocked it to the floor, I had to repot it, and for a while it was touch and go, but it seems to be doing well enough now.

I also love the schefflera-I have a beautiful schefflera tree and a small baby one that I have been growing from a root.  Beatrice has gotten into my big tree (it’s also covered in aluminum foil) and it’s not doing so hot right now.  I am currently babying it trying to nurse it back to health (it’s also a little dusty).

I also have a few on the tables-I found a fabulous owl pot at Hobby Lobby that I think looks adorable with the spider plant “hair” at the top.

Why can’t Beatrice just be as good as Suzanne?!

Does anyone else have this problem?  Any advice on how to keep cats out of plants?



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