Life Goes On…

It has been a crazy winter!  Last week we had a little snow storm, not much, but enough to get those kiddos excited to play outside!  Of course, looking out the window today you’d never know we had any snow; it was a beautiful sunny day, although a little bit nippy.  I’ve enjoyed this winter-I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it or not, but I am NOT a fan of the white stuff, unless I am sitting in my nice warm house looking out the window at it.  Here are some photos of the kids playing in the snow BEFORE…before Graham fell and busted his lip open…before the cold bug bit him and made him a sickly, whiny child, before he shared that bug with Mae and my days filled with sniffling, coughing, clingy kiddos.  We have our good days and our bad days, and luckily I remembered to take photos of one of the good ones!!

Tomorrow the last of the family dentist visits go down-4 of 6 of us have had ZERO cavities!!  Hopefully Julius and Gregg will keep up the momentum we’ve got going!  (How’s that for a little pressure?!)  I will be going to my first ever rheumatologist’s visit for my hands…hopefully it’ll be my first, last and only!


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