Chairs, Football and Toys

This morning my husband had to work. So early in the morning, he called and woke me up to ask if we could change our plans from buying new chairs to instead going to the Superbowl mayhem party in Indianapolis…now, I’m not insane, so I said no! It’s the day before the Superbowl…that’s craziness (plus it’s cold and rainy today and it’s outside…and i don’t enjoy being wet and cold! I KNEW I’d be NO FUN!!!). So, he took the two big boys there while I went to get the chairs with the two little ones. At the furniture store Mae and Graham took turns taking pictures of each other making silly faces while I finagled the sale (please forgive the poor photo quality, but these were too cute not to share!!)…then we went to Target and the kids each got a gift from me. It was nice spending some one on two time with them!!!





And Gregg and the big boys had a good time as well (even though they didn’t even know who was playing before they got there!)…






Mae snuck a picture of me and I am not sure why I look so angry, ’cause it was a really good day!




Then a tornado hit our house and made it horribly messy! Not really, I just didn’t clean it before we left…I’m LAZY, remember!


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