Sick Day

Today my poor little Griz woke up with a fever and a yell of “Bring me a towel!  Hurry!  HURRY!”  I grabbed a towel and ran to him.  He told me the ceiling was dropping rain on him and he needed to dry it off, but actually he had puked a little on himself.  I cleaned him up and determined that he was too sick to go to daycare, so we had a sick day.  Poor guy has pretty well slept the whole day away, every once in a while he’ll tell me a little something that doesn’t really make any sense, then say “I can’t remember what I meant to say” when I ask him to repeat it.    This is pretty well how we spent the day:





















But an interesting thing happened-my Bea has been really worried about him and has been standing guard over him, watching him sleep and cozying up next to him.  This is HIGHLY unusual because Bea generally keeps her distance from this wild child, so it’s really cute to watch.  See, now I have documented proof that sometimes shecan be a sweet girl!!


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