The past couple of weeks have just seemed to fly by! We took our vacation to Washington D.C. while the kids were on spring break and had a blast!! I’ll post about that this week-but I’ll warn you it will be photo heavy (and I’ll probably do it in two installments)! Then, last week I went to see if we could get Graham-my baby!-into Pre-kindergarten at Mae’s school. He loved it-they played games with him, talked with him, gave him a special treat for coming in AND let him walk on a school bus!! He really wanted to start school that day!! Unfortunately, it’s a small program open to all three elementary schools in the district, so he may not get in; but I am really hopeful because I feel he would just blossom in the program!


This past Friday Oliver had a track meet and OMG! it was so COLD!! Gregg took the Littles and Julius to dinner while I watched the meet, outside, in the rain, with what felt like 1,000 MPH winds! I was an ice cube at the end, and poor Ollie, who was in his track uniform of shorts and a tank top was far worse off than I!


On Saturday, Gregg, Mae, the big boys and some close friends headed to Chicago for a comic book convention and Griz and I had a “Mommy-Graham Day”. We made cupcakes, played video games, ate pizza and had a blast together! That kid is such a sweetheart. He is funny and caring and happy (most of the time- sometimes he can be a little monster)!


Then, on Sunday my husband bought me and the big boys tickets to go see Hunger Games. On the drive down to Washington I read the book, and thought it was amazing! Seriously, if you haven’t read it, go do so now-you’ll thank me later!


It’s been busy but fun!! Both Oliver and Julius are on their school track teams and Mae’s soccer season is starting! So we have our weeks pretty well booked!! I hope everyone is having a great spring so far!!

Do any of you have sports or anything else keeping you busy right now?


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