Washington D.C. (Part I)

I have to be honest and say that Washington D.C. is not anywhere I actually ever dreamed of going to.  Now with that being said, I am so very happy we went.  It is a beautiful city, the landmarks and memorials are amazing, and it’s extremely family friendly!!  I know everyone has seen pictures of the monuments-but honestly, the photos just don’t do them justice!!  The architecture is AMAZING!!  And even more so considering how old the buildings and statues are!!  The overall grandeur of it all is somewhat overwhelming!  It is more than a little bit touching to see first hand the history of the United States.  And, it was interesting to me how many people were there speaking foreign languages-it really drives home how diverse our country is and how even tourists, and newly immigrated citizens, were as excited about American history as we were.

We also visited the Botanical Gardens and the Smithsonian Garden.  It was beautiful seeing the healthy, well tended gardens right in the middle of the city!  I am a big fan of gardens and flowers, so I made a bunch of mental notes to bring home to my yard!

We really lucked out weather-wise because although it was a little cool in the mornings, it warmed up enough during the day to provide perfect walking weather.  And we get the beautiful backdrop of the pristine blue sky in every photo!

We also got to ride on the train and eat ice cream from a food truck (I think those were Graham’s favorite!), we saw the John Lennon statue at The Hard Rock Cafe, rode the carousel on the National Mall, and just had a blast!!  Here are our goofy family photos!!

Stay tuned for Part II!!


One thought on “Washington D.C. (Part I)

  1. Looks good! Washington DC is not really a priority in my american travel list, but it seems to be a really nice place 😀

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