May In a Nutshell

Wow! Things got rather busy ’round the home front and I kind of dropped off the radar a bit!! We had a period of time there where every single night we had something to go to; track meets both at and away from home , soccer games, practices, a band concert, a choir concert, art night, birthday parties-it was a crazy, busy time!! In fact, there were a few days where I felt like this:



…but, I survived. We found out Graham got into the Pre-Kindergarten program next year (yay!) then we had a little scare when the doctor that gave Ollie his sports physical told us that Ollie has scoliosis (he has a high risk of getting scoliosis because of his Marfan Syndrome, and if he does get it, it can become quite severe-thus the worry) but, upon going for a second opinion, we were told that although he does have a slight curve, it is very inconsequential and is nothing to worry about-whew! We visited the Children’s Museum for a very fun, very long day with the little ones, I worked in the yard gardening lots and lots, I finished the other two books in the Hunger Games series (they were both really good), and we took the kids to see The Avengers-which is a great movie, by the way!!-now I am super excited for (Batman) Dark Knight Rises to open on July 20!!!

Here is a small peek of what May looked like through my phone:











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