Achieving Goodness

The other day my husband told me that I am a good mom. That got me to thinking, what, exactly, is a good mom? I know that a lot of people out there would disagree wholeheartedly with his statement-I have worked consistently throughout my kids’ lives, they all attended day care, I sometimes let them have cake for breakfast and cereal for dinner, they play video games and listen to punk rock music-but I do love them with every fiber of my being and try my hardest to provide them with a roof over their heads, good food for their bodies and occasionally that name brand item that they simply must have. But, is that enough?

I’ll be the first to tell you that my house is not the cleanest house on the block, I have days where I’ve been spread too thin and patience is nowhere to be found, and sometimes I’ve put the littles in front of a Disney movie to buy just five minutes to fold the laundry or sweep the floor. I don’t always take the time to play, sometimes I’m easily frustrated and there are days when I am literally counting the minutes until bedtime. Sometimes I close myself in my room in order to watch “adult” shoes like Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead with my husband just so I can feel human again. Many times at work I find myself humming the theme song from Blue’s Clue’s or Dora the Explorer, or telling stores of my “cute” kids for the hundredth time to my coworkers who just smile and nod; I KNOW they don’t care, but I’m a mom! It’s my duty to sing my children’s praises and share the joy that they bring to my life.

I’m not a perfect mom, but I do appreciate these little people that I am privileged enough to have in my life. I love them, warts and all, and I love that it’s my job to help mold them into strong, confident, productive beings. I take that job seriously, and it’s a HARD job! I once read an article tht questioned why people ever become parents-no pay, long hours, little to no positive reinforcement, high failure rate-and the final answer was that there is the potential for great rewards. Like a hamster in a wheel we keep going in the hope that someday we will get to see the fruits of our years of hard work. We deal with the terrible two’s, the teenage years, and the financial drain of college, all to see our children succeed, and at that point we succeed with them.

So. although I’d never call myself a good mom, I would say that I’m enough. I’m up for the task and I enjoy the work. I put my all into every day that I get to spend with them, even the days when I would give anything to crawl back under the covers and hide. These kids mean everything to me, and in the end, I would’t change anything about my life. I will always choose to be right here, right now, with them.



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