The Super Star

This year has really been a great chance for Julius to come out of his shell a bit.  He has been actively performing in his school choir, the advanced choir, and was in the school’s musical production of “The Music Man.”  He has absolutely NO stage fright and isn’t afraid to get silly.  I am really proud of him!  Here are some photos from the play and his turn as an elf at the Christmas concert!


8803_526919167337275_1326375749_n 22515_526920277337164_337413820_n 374108_526920004003858_336905048_n 400178_526919070670618_68832668_n 481801_526920520670473_1442299470_n 483086_526920487337143_1306620525_n533568_10151211491532870_71834949_n


25054_546770572018801_1799956087_n 148596_546768828685642_1949051997_n 281749_546770498685475_2052339696_n 399186_546770545352137_2004370620_n 407267_546768598685665_637582777_n 576297_546707528691772_1277016219_n

He has always been very musical.  He can play guitar, drums, piano; he can sing; he can dance; he loves to write songs; and he loves to make people laugh.  I don’t know where he gets it from-I cannot sing (well, at least it doesn’t sound very well when I do it) and I don’t play a single instrument-and, wow, I’m not good being up in front of a crowd!  I’m just glad he does this and enjoys it; I would really  like to see him continue with it as he has such a gift for music.


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