Here in the Midwest it is 4-H season, and for me, coming from Utah and growing up in Arkansas, I have no idea what that means-other than that there’s a fair (with rides and greasy food!) in every county ALL MONTH LONG!!!! Sign me up for some elephant ears, corn dogs as long as your […]


Today we went to a local pizza shop in town, had some great food and took a walk around town together as a family. It was so much fun to be together! And we saw some little kitties that came out and visited with us..they were so cute and friendly!! Here are some photos of […]

Washington D.C. (Part I)

I have to be honest and say that Washington D.C. is not anywhere I actually ever dreamed of going to.  Now with that being said, I am so very happy we went.  It is a beautiful city, the landmarks and memorials are amazing, and it’s extremely family friendly!!  I know everyone has seen pictures of […]