Favorite Links

I have several bloggers that I follow regularly, and many websites I love to visit! I wanted to list a few here in the hopes that some of you may find them as wonderful as I do!

1. Common Sense Media


This is a GREAT site!  I cannot say enough good things about it!  They list reviews of movies, books, DVDs, Games-pretty much everything!-and they provide parents with all of the information necessary to decide if it’s appropriate for YOUR child!!  Each child matures at their own rate, and this site breaks down bit by bit anything that may be considered “questionable”, allowing each parent to make their own decisions!  I use it all of the time!  They also have a free app for the iPhone in case you’re on the go!

2. Bleubird Vintage


My favorite blogger. Period.

3. My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia


Beautiful decorating!  Wonderful home ideas!

4. The Old Painted Cottage


I love cottage style and this website has it all!!

5. A Bowlfull of Lemons


Lots of great ideas for cooking, cleaning, organizing and decorating!

6. Rockstar Diaries


One of the cutest families alive!!

7. The Glamourai


Cute, fashionable, I love her site!

8. The Craftinomicon


Kari is a very talented friend of mine!  She posts the most amazing ideas!

9.  Kendi Everyday


She’s super cute and has a great sense of fashion!

10.  A Beautiful Mess


Elsie Larson’s lifestyle blog, introduced to me by my friend, Kari.

11.  Skunkboy Creatures


Adorable creations by a fashionably adorable mom!

**I’ve provided links to all of them on the side, please visit, and also share your favorites with me!  I always love finding great new sites!!**

I also welcome you to follow me on Pinterest-my new addiction!!  I love it!!

I am on Facebook-I am Melissa Ballinger Dees-shoot me a friend invite if you want!

I am on also on Twitter-@lissadees

I’ll continue to add to this list…believe me, I am an internet addict!!


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