Here in the Midwest it is 4-H season, and for me, coming from Utah and growing up in Arkansas, I have no idea what that means-other than that there’s a fair (with rides and greasy food!) in every county ALL MONTH LONG!!!! Sign me up for some elephant ears, corn dogs as long as your […]


Today we went to a local pizza shop in town, had some great food and took a walk around town together as a family. It was so much fun to be together! And we saw some little kitties that came out and visited with us..they were so cute and friendly!! Here are some photos of […]

Things I Love

Here are some lovely things that are making me super happy right now… *my old mixer from my Grandma… I used it today to make cookies and brownies…yum!!! Since I’ve been on my own I’ve bought a couple of newer ones, but this one is the best!! It’s true that they just don’t make things […]

Who Says There’s Nothing to Do in Bellaire, OH?

Before we left for Washington, my husband and I thought we’d find something fun to do around the midway point of our trip to help break up the day for the kids.  Ten hours is a long drive!!  So, I searched the web and I found this pretty neat site called Roadside America.  It lists […]


…I am the world’s biggest dork.  I embrace it.  I have some really unusual idiosyncrasies, and, honestly, am quite surprised that anybody wants to spend any time with me sometimes!!  I know that my kids will disappear upstairs-sometimes for hours!-just to escape from me.  But, many of you don’t have the luxury of spending time […]