Achieving Goodness

The other day my husband told me that I am a good mom. That got me to thinking, what, exactly, is a good mom? I know that a lot of people out there would disagree wholeheartedly with his statement-I have worked consistently throughout my kids’ lives, they all attended day care, I sometimes let them […]


Here in the Midwest it is 4-H season, and for me, coming from Utah and growing up in Arkansas, I have no idea what that means-other than that there’s a fair (with rides and greasy food!) in every county ALL MONTH LONG!!!! Sign me up for some elephant ears, corn dogs as long as your […]

May In a Nutshell

Wow! Things got rather busy ’round the home front and I kind of dropped off the radar a bit!! We had a period of time there where every single night we had something to go to; track meets both at and away from home , soccer games, practices, a band concert, a choir concert, art […]